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Writing a Book and Where to Begin


Saturday, November 11 at 1:00 p.m.

Register online, or call the Circulation desk at (717) 533-6555. 

Many people aspire to writing their own book, but just quite can’t figure out where to begin. They have ideas that they would like to pursue, but have no clue how to proceed.

John Benedict was one of those people who after twenty years has learned invaluable information that can be shared. Come and hear what Dr. Benedict has found as he shares his experiences of the ever-changing publishing process.

John’s presentation will cover areas such as: how does one write a good novel, what is involved in getting a novel self-published today and how do you market that novel and achieve over 100,000 downloads in a year. He will also talk about how does one go about self-publishing a novel today and how does one leverage success in the self-publishing arena to acquire a traditional publishing contract from a major publisher, complete with advance?

Registration for this library program begins on October 11.