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Wireless Network Access Policy

Please read the following before using the Wireless Network:

The Hershey Public Library provides wireless access to the online catalog and the Internet for library patrons and visitors. Access to the network is free of charge.

There is no log in required to connect with the internet using a wireless device. In your network settings, please connect with Hershey Public Library.

Wireless users must abide by the Hershey Public Library’s Internet Use policy.

Patrons are expected to configure their wireless devices themselves. Library staff cannot provide assistance in configuring wireless devices nor provide technical assistance of any sort. If assistance is needed, patrons should contact the manufacturer of their equipment.

The Hershey Public Library does not provide security features for its free wireless service. Users of the wireless network assume all risks and responsibilities to provide anti-virus protection and appropriate security settings on their laptops or wireless devices.

Most wireless equipment will be compatible with the library’s wireless network. However, the Hershey Public Library makes no guarantees as to the compatibility of the network with any and all equipment. The Hershey Public Library cannot guarantee the speed or quality of the connection.

Wireless printing is available to wireless users in the library. Wireless users may also download documents to a disk and print them from any of our public access computers.

Wireless network users should be certain their laptops or other devices are secured at all times and should never be left unattended in the library. The Hershey Public Library is not responsible for stolen property.

Users assume responsibility for all risk of damage to their personal wireless computers while using Hershey Public Library’s facility or connection. The Hershey Public Library shall not be held responsible for any such damages.