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Adult Summer Reading Program

Name That Tune Rock and Roll Bingo

In conjunction with this year’s nationwide Collaborative Summer Reading Program theme, “Libraries Rock,” the library is offering a new Bingo Summer Reading Program to encourage adults to experience the joy of reading and rock and roll music. The game board brochures, sign-up incentives and prizes are made possible thanks to the Friends of the Hershey Public Library. The program will run from June 1 through August 31.

How to Play

  • Register at the library.
  • Receive a bingo card and complimentary sticky note pad.
  • Complete five (5) squares in a row (vertical, horizontal, or diagonal) to make a Bingo.
    *The “Name That Tune” free space is an activity that can be completed for the center space on the bingo card. See details available at the Circulation desk about completing the activity.
    If you chose to do the activity you must get the “free space” square stamped by a Staff Member upon completing it.
  • Fill in the blank line in each square with what you read or did.
  • Once you have your first bingo, fill out the raffle ticket on this bingo card and return it to the Circulation Desk to be entered in the drawing.
  • Receive your free book and turn in your bingo card.
    If you choose to try for additional bingos, you will receive one raffle ticket for each additional bingo.
    Complete all 25 squares and receive a red raffle ticket that will be entered in a grand prize drawing for a $100 Giant gift card.
    Bingo cards and entries will be accepted through Friday, August 31 @ 5:00 p.m
  • *To complete the Name That Tune activity be sure to have the official form for your answers obtained at the Circulation Desk. In the glass case in the library you will find a display of objects that represent 15 different Rock and Roll song titles. Guess the song title, write it on the entry form and have the Circulation Staff check your answers. If they are all correct your free space on the bingo card will be stamped by a Staff member and you will receive the credit of one space on your Bingo card.

The drawing will be held on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.


$25 Amazon gift card
$25 Hershey Pantry gift card
$25 Target gift card
$25 Sorrento’s gift card
$25 Kohl’s gift card