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Keep Track of What You Read

Would you like to create a list of all the books you have read? We call that your Reading History. Pick up a flyer at the front desk, or follow the steps below.

1.  Click on “Online Catalog” on the
2.  Click on “My Account” at the top of
the page.
3.  Click on “Log in” on the drop-
down menu and enter the
required information.
4.  Click on “My Account” again. Click
on “My Record” on the drop-down menu.
5.  Click on “Contact Information and
Preferences” on the main screen.
6.  Scroll down until you find Preferences.
Below it is a box with the message
“Maintain Reading List.”  Click on it to
enter a check mark.
7.  Below that you will see a bar labeled
“Submit Change Request.”  Click
on it.
8.  Please allow 24 hours for activation
of this feature.