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Processing YOUR Images Class

Looking at the work of others can be instructional, but how do YOUR images look to someone else? Photography is a combination of art and craft. Seeing is the first part of the art, and craft is the process of massaging the camera capture into the vision you had when you saw the picture. Don’t stop short of creating your art by ignoring the craft. The class will use YOUR image captures as the instructional material. Each person will be asked to submit a minimum of three original raw captures for analysis. Any style, any subject. If you bracketed an exposure, please bring the brackets as well. From the submitted images Bryson will analyze and process your files using Lightroom or Adobe Camera Raw and follow through with enhancement in Photoshop or Elements. One image from each participant will be used and a second image if time permits. Watching someone else process your images can be an eye opening experience as things you might not consider are looked at in detail. Please bring along three or more images on a USB (jump drive/thumb drive). Please register in person at the library. Class fee is payable at registration.

Saturday, October 13

9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Fee: $35

Instructor: Bryson Leidich